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Ani Nishane Extrait de Parfum

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This may fit into the category of oriental floral but for us it is so much more.

A staff's favourite at the boutique, Ani is built on the renowned splendour of a mystical place of ruins and history that comes to life with the first spray.

Fresh, spicy, woody and warm, we are all transported to a time gone by and yet we are still right here.

There is a magic in all the Nishane perfumes, and each one has it's own.

Each note in Ani has its place and envelops us through the opening notes of Bergamot, the strength of the Ginger Spice, the soft but subtle Rose and the woods and Vanilla that grounds the scent the inspiration of Ani, a place and time that no longer exists.

Top notes:  Bergamot - green notes - Ginger - Pink Pepper

Middle notes: Black currant -  Turkish rose - Cardamom

Base notes: Patchouli - Cedar - Vanilla-  Benzoin - Ambergris - Musk - Sandalwood

The nose behind this fragrance is Cecile Zarokian.